I’m Rebecca, and I’m a holistic health coach, yoga teacher and life designer. I’m vibrant, resilient and sometimes, a little bit unruly. Like you, I am both the honey and the thistle, the feminine and the masculine; nurturing and resilient on my own path of personal growth.

And I hope to become your coach. I hope to guide you and support you in your healing journey.

Why? Because my own journey has been so important to me. It’s what has made me who I am and has inspired what I do.

My best friend died when I was 14. He was my biggest cheerleader, my greatest inspiration, and he was my dad. As a violin-maker, he wasn’t a run-of-the-mill kinda guy—he was certainly the most uniquely special person in my life. My dad’s death, though painful and full of grief, was a catalyst for me. In the years since I lost him, I have learned what it truly means to heal. And I have traversed the journey toward holistic health, authentic self-love, and a true passion for life and the work that I do, because of him and because of his passion for life and his work. I still walk that path every day—not just for him, but for me. And for you, too. 

While he was alive, my dad taught me that I create my own reality and planted the seeds of resilience, courage, and self-love. After he was gone, I slowly pieced myself back together and found my purpose—to help other people heal, thrive, and sustain heart-filled happiness in their minds, bodies, and their soul.

My dad loved me too much for me to ruin my life, or give up on myself. And I feel the same way about you. I will not let you give up on yourself, and I will use the power of my own experience to help you find the power in yours.

I’m Fueled By:

 yoga + the humbling, juicy breakthroughs that happen on my mat
 breakfast food + hot sauce
 vulnerable, heart connections + conversations with friends new and old
 books—piles and piles of books
      - My fave authors are Cheryl Strayed, Sylvia Plath, and Dodie Smith.
 simplicity + leading a minimalist life
 feminism—bell, Gloria + RBG are my home girls
 music (all the music); Neko Case is my queen
 the smell of wood-burning fires + crisp, cold air