The honey is the sweet stuff; warm, nurturing, healing.

And thistles? They’re resilient; they thrive. They grow under any (and every) circumstance.

You can—and you will—be both.

Because together, honey and thistle are the compassion and the grit. They’re the inspiration and the action that create lasting change. They are loving accountability, paired with practical knowledge—all of which leads to truly actionable success.

In other words, they are two halves of the same whole—your whole, authentic, messy, wonderful self. And I can show you how to easily integrate both sides into your life, unlocking the tools you need to attain and sustain the very best version of you.

I’m a health coach and a yoga teacher, but my work goes far beyond nutrition plans and deep hip opening. Both physically and emotionally, I help people heal, grow, and nourish the parts of their life that need attention, clarity, and courageous action.

With my background and experience in health coaching (IIN Certified), yoga teaching (RYT), and all things creative (BFA, MS), I’ll help you apply inspired action to your good intentions, moving you from fear and insecurity to health and happiness.

Together, we will get shift done.

And that means finding your unique, personal path to vibrant health by:

 getting clear on what matters most
  figuring out what nourishes your body and soul
 cultivating a grateful heart that is open to possibility
  looking at your darkest fears and insecurities (and doing the work that scares you, anyway)
  simplifying and stripping down to the essentials of what makes you happy, healthy, and whole
  transforming the willingness to change into actual change through tangible, doable action steps

That’s not to say that creating lasting, positive change won’t take hard work, but you don’t have to over-complicate it (and trust me, we won’t). I will work with you to create a customized journey back to holistic (so, mind, body, and soul) health that is unique to your values, lifestyle, and goals. There’s more than one road to wellness, and your map to health is going to be totally unique to and perfect for you.

Remember: This is your story; you call the shots. And if you’re ready for change, I’m ready for you.